Client information

We respect your privacy and no client information will be disclosed to third parties.

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Data Collection Policy

Chillderness operates within the guidelines set out by the UK Data Protection Act (1998). We collect information from you necessary to process your booking or payment. We use cookies only where required, they do not hold personal information and they expire as appropriate. Any information submitted by you to us is used only within Chillderness and trusted third parties working on our behalf, who enable our services to be provided to you.

Squarespace Analytics

We use Squarespace Analytics, which uses cookies to provide reports about visitors to our website. This information helps us to improve the service we provide. Squarespace Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about you. You can also opt-out from Squarespace Analytics completely in some browsers.


We use cookies on our website. None of these contain any personal data and they are only used where necessary to provide functionality. If you don’t want us to use these cookies you can use the settings in your browser to block them, but please note that parts of our site may not function properly if you choose to do this.